Ela chegou ao fundo do poço por causa das drogas, mas deu a volta por cima e hoje está irreconhecível: ‘Superação’

Esta é uma história que vale a pena ser contada e compartilhada, trata-se de superação, força de vontade, em voltar a acreditar na vida e reencontrar o amor próprio.

Amber Nicole, de 24 anos, resolveu compartilhar sua história de superação nas redes sociais depois de chegar ao fundo do poço por causa do vício em drogas.

A jovem chegou a morar nas ruas por causa o vício e da convivência em um lar abusivo.

Em 2019, por causa do uso excessivo de drogas ela precisou passar uma cirurgia cardíaca, após ser cometida com uma bronquite que evoluiu para uma embolia pulmonar e por isso ficou meses internada.

Felizmente ela e a mãe reconstruíram uma relação de amizade que a tem ajudado a se manter fora do mundo das drogas.

Amber conta que no dia que foi resgatada das ruas e encaminhada para o hospital estava bem perto de morrer. “À esquerda sou eu no dia que fui retirada das ruas, na imagem à direita eu estou com meu sobrinho, há dois meses”.  A jovem faz questão de mostrar as tatuagens já que muitos não acreditam que são a mesma pessoa.


Amber afirmou que irá criar um vlog para contar como sobreviveu as drogas para ajudar as pessoas que se encontram na mesma situação que ela esteve um dia.

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10 months ago I was rescued off the streets and was hospitalized for months with endocarditis and had open heart surgery. I turned my entire life around. The first hospital I went to kicked me out refusing to treat me and left me to die. I wasn’t worth saving in their eyes. The next month was the worst month of my entire life. I vividly remember the fear, the starvation, the abuse, the loneliness. I asked for help and instead everybody turned their back to me. I prayed to god. Please god. Help me get treatment. I don’t want to continue this hell of using and being alone out here. My mom refused to talk to me because she thought I left the hospital on my own will, and did not want help. I borrowed someone’s phone and called her and cried asking for her to come get me. She was waiting for that call. She drove 3 hours and picked me up and got me into a different hospital that night. And we didn’t have the best relationship. I struggled being homeless before drugs were an issue. I would go months without hearing from my mom. “Just go home!” People would say. But it hurt because all I wanted was a home to return to. I didn’t have much of any family or support. I ended up on the streets at 18. The day my mom rescued me changed everything. And I also the start of a new relationship with her. Something I’ve always longed for deep down. I’m sad it took all of what I went through for her to come around, but what matters is she did. I know people want to assume I came from some wealthy loving family and probably had it good and chose to ruin it all with drugs. Sadly that’s not my story and most often not the case. Nobody decides one day to throw everything away for a high. Addiction is a disease. It doesn’t care who you are or what you have. Today I have my own room/bathroom. I finally am starting my dream of having a YouTube channel. I just bought a new camera and lighting and a mic. And I am SO motivated. For the first time in my recovery I have all of this hope that things actually will work out for me. I cried last night just because I was so happy. I have so many plans for my life. Although everyone thought I wasn’t worth saving, I I can now prove them wrong.

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October after my heart surgery, and yesterday. You can physically see the light and life that has grown back within me. My second time getting a heart infection and my lungs full of fluid. I was in pain everyday. I knew I was on deaths door but I made my peace with it, after everything I had gone through. I was so hungry. So scared. Living out of my broke down car in the middle of summer. Blacking out on the sidewalk. But I guess God had different plans for me. I was turned away left to die by the hospital. I called my mom crying (who I hadn't talked to) and she left that moment to come pick me up in Portland and take me home and into another hospital here in Olympia. I didn't expect her to help me. But she did. And from there I spent months in the hospital. And it was hard. It was hard having nurses tell me I deserved to be in pain and how shitty of a person I was. But I ignored them. They told me I'd probably end up relapsing. But today i have my own room/bathroom. I have enough saved up for a car. My body is completely healed. I was 93 pounds and now I've gained 40 pounds. The night terrors dont come around as often. I am a miracle story and we DO RECOVER. and if you're thinking about recovering and wanting to get clean but you're waiting for a sign, don't wait and just do it. Because you never know how long you have. You never expect to die until you do. My doctor told me all the people he has done the same surgery for, he always ends up hearing about them relapsing just once and dying. It won't be me. There is hope on the other side. And after living in hell the last 4-6 years doing reckless things to try and cope with the pain and emptiness inside of me, I know I don't have to live that way anymore. Yes I have bad days, I get horrible flash backs and panic attacks and I worry that I'll lose everything I worked so hard to fight for. But it's one day at a time. Always just one day. Stay clean and stay safe for today. Everyday. 💖 #beforeandafter #recovery

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Amazônia pode ser o maior ‘berçário’ de coronavírus do mundo, afirma cientista


O novo coronavírus – Covid-19 – não escolhe suas vítimas, todos estão sujeitos e suscetíveis ao contágio, por isso siga as orientações da OMS – Organização Mundial da Saúde e do Ministério da Saúde e proteja-se. FIQUE EM CASA!!!

Cuide-se para não se tornar mais uma vítima da Covid-19.

Fonte: UOL